Our Portfolio

We engage in partnerships with both the companies we provide funding to and the partners within our ecosystem. This allows us to identify optimal co-investment opportunities and facilitate mutual growth.

Portfolio Companies

Exited for a 7x return

WiserHires fills in a market gap by providing a platform for Small Business Owners, Tradies, Students & Job Seekers to promote and showcase their skills online.

Exited for a 2x return in 7 months

Colist makes it easier to find local contractors for both in-house projects happening in your office or to work remotely, allowing the contractors to be discovered for amazing opportunities and ongoing work.

The Amber app makes it so simple to buy Bitcoin - set and forget - your slice of the world's scarcest and best performing asset.
Ziinkle is designed so that singles can match and meet in real-life, in real-time.
Ome is a modern dating app designed for couples to connect with other couples.
Paiid is turning 18.3 billion mobile phones into payment terminals, meaning any merchant anywhere on the planet can accept payments.
Waitrr provides a mobile ordering and payments platform for the hospitality industry, letting restaurant guests order and pay using their own phone without the need to download an app.
Waitrr exists to increase profits and reduce hassle for owners of full-service SME cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars.
Long Pipes is focused on developing and deploying its Fluid Highway® technology for a range of applications, including low-cost water transportation, as well as the, transport, and storage of low-cost “Raw Wet CO₂.”

KapVista Ecosystem

LifeArt is one of the first highly-innovative companies dedicated to making funerals more personal by offering a range of personalised, beautiful, and eco-friendly coffins to pay an unforgettable tribute to a lost loved one.
Sicona's mission is to help overcome Electric Vehicle range anxiety, reduce costs of EVs and renewable energy storage as well as play a key part in the reduction of carbon emissions.
KORA is an all-in-one lifestyle app for Moms that beautifully integrates a streamlined feature set alongside a supportive community to aid in the execution of a mom’s hectic day.
Loadchief is a Digital Logistics Marketplace Softwarecreating new efficiency in the final mile logistics industry. The platform enables delivery companies to effectively share drivers.
Flave is a fast-casual restaurant concept featuring a menu made up entirely of plant-based food, with a team of founders passionate about creating an offering that is based on flavor and satisfaction and health merits of a plant-based diet and veganism at the same time.
Superdraft is an architecture platform that connects consumers building custom homes, renovations and developments with the best- suited project teams and guides all stakeholders from design through to build.
FIN-PAY makes accepting payments simple, frictionless and effortless anywhere in the world, allowing Merchants to get set up quickly and start taking payments straight away.
Weaver is an interactive storytelling company working on a number of AI-enhanced mobile games to produce one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences.
Wych is an AI-based Data Platform for personal finance management to optimize user's money by helping to manage savings, investments and spending - "the Google Maps for the financial life".
Wimp 2 Warrior's purpose is to bring the world of MMA to everyday men and women, providing a groundbreaking 20-weeks mixed martial arts training program.
Medical Kiwi Limited (Medical Kiwi) is an early-stage medicinal research and nutraceutical wellbeing company, is in a unique position as one of a handful of New Zealand companies poised to create value and carve out a significant share of this emerging and exciting growth industry.
KELA Hair Jewellery's innovative, unique one-action, non-slip grip clasp is transforming the hair styling industry, allowing customers to give their look a splash of glamour and feel confident that their hair jewellery will stay in place.